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Driving Range

Hone your game, or bring your mates. This is golf-ball whacking at it's best.

Our 26 bay covered driving range is powered by Inrange ball tracking technology, so whether you’re honing your game or just whacking some balls for fun for the first time, our practice and game modes are suitable for anyone. Pre-booked in 30 minute slots

Two ways to play...

Inrange & Inrange+

We have 26 undercover bays on our 260 yard long driving range. We use premium Srixon range balls with 12 target greens to aim your shots at.


Designed for golfers looking to practice and hone their game. As your ball flies through the air the data is captured via radar and transmitted straight back onto your in-bay touchscreen, telling you how far, high, etc your ball travelled. Your practice data can be saved to your phone, and for a bit of fun you can challenge yourself to a skill-based game such as Longest Drive or Shrinking Target.

Bays are bookable in time slots and will get you the following:

  • Unlimited balls for the duration of you booking
  • An In-Bay touch screen to control your practice session
  • Access to 3 x practice modes – Open Practice, Target Practice, and Tee shot fairway practice
  • Access to 2 x skill-based games modes – Longest Drive, and Shrinking Target.

All modes are in single player format only, but if you want to bring a friend along with you that’s no problem.


Designed for multiplayer use so you can play against each other and see who wins! 

All in a premium range-bay environment.

Bays are booked in time slots and will get you the following:

  • Unlimited balls for the duration of your booking
  • An In-Bay touchscreen
  • A 40″ Gallery TV to watch the action unfold on the big screen
  • Access to 4 x games – Bullseye, Shrinking Target, Twenty One, and Longest Drive. These games can be altered based on the skill level of each player, so if you’ve never played golf before you could still win!
  • Access to Virtual Golf courses such as Bethpage Black.
  • There is also a “warm-up” feature if you’d like to get your eye in before you start competing.
  • Your Inrange+ bay will also come with a table & stools, and a heater

All modes are in multiplayer format and are designed to increase the fun and the competition.

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Rishi Patel

This was a great place to have some fun. Me and friends did the mini golf course. It was amazing. Plenty of parking and wasn't too much of a crowd either. Only thing is each of the holes could be more different from one another.

Elliot Moore

Great family friendly venue. Safari golf is well designed and all ages can enjoy! Food is good, and driving range well equipped.

Great golf course, state of the art driving range, free lessons and you can make a whole day outing of your experience with indoor and outdoor seating restaurant and playground

Great fun for an adventure golf walk about with friends 😊

Joseph Burke
Loic Autret
Loic Autret
Sam Vincent

Driving range is good, chipping green and putting green are both very useful, the big course could be in better condition. Nice club house but the shop is very small

Toby David

A top tier crazy golfing experience. The course has been thoughtfully constructed to provide privacy on each hole. A personal highlight is the bridge you have to operate to cross a body of water. Main criticism is they have obviously been letting my wife train there without me knowing for several years as she beat me.

Some useful stuff here.....

Sure, If you don’t think you want to use all the Inrange modes, games and features, then just book the standard Inrange experience and up to 4 of you can hit some balls in a bay. If you want to take a sneak-peek at all the awesome Inrange+ multiplayer features then one of our staff can give you a quick demo.

If you have your own clubs then you can head straight to your range bay for your booked start time. Your email confirmation contains a 4-digit pin code which you enter into your in-bay screen to start your session. If you don’t have golf clubs then please check in with a member of staff either at the range entrance or in the shop and they will get you set up in your bay. 


This 4-digit code is unique to your booking. Enter this into your in-bay screen when you arrive for your booking and your session will be loaded up for you automatically.

Your golf balls will be ready for you in your bay. Balls are unlimited for the duration of your booking.

We can supply you clubs for free! Just ask your range host.

The Inrange app enables you to sign into your in-bay screen under your won user-account. This will then save all of your practice data to your phone and in-turn give you your Inrange Handicap, giving your practice sessions a whole new dimension.


You do not need to download our driving range to your phone to play.

If you are less than 5 minutes late then this will be no problem.

Any more than than 5 minutes and we can’t guarantee you can use your bay for the full time you have booked. This will be dependant on if your bay is booked by another customer straight after you, or if there is a nearby bay we can move you to.

Our bays range from 3m-3.3m wide with fixed mat positions. All shots must be played from the range mats. The swinging zone is marked out with the red carpet and only one person is allowed at a time in this zone. All golf played on our driving range is at the customers own risk and should therefore take their own responsibility for safety whilst hitting golf balls. Horton Golf Park will not be responsible for any injuries or damage occurred whilst on the driving range. 

Well for this we are currently offering a “mid-way point” upgrade within the online booking system which will give you access to the virtual golf.

Yes of course, you can now prepay for your booking credit online saving you between 20-30%.

Absolutely, and is one of the reasons we’ve switched to using Inrange. The radar tracking system will see your shot as long as hit the ball about 10 yards in the air. The games have also been designed to keep everyone involved, no matter their skill level.

Yes, we have an app called “ESP Elite Live” where you can order your food and drink and have it delivered straight to your bay so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

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