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Mystery Express

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Suitability: 16+

Recommend: 2 – 6 players

Per person

The Mystery Express is a replica vintage train carriage, where you and your team of up to 6 have a choice of Escape Room inspired games to play. Use your skills of deduction and puzzle solving to complete these 45 minute challenges. This is a seated game and much less physical than the other escape rooms.

Suitable for ages 16+. ( minimum 1 adult per group). Recommended for 2-6 players.

Game 1: Inspector Graves' Secret

Inspector Graves has retired under a cloud of suspicion, rumours suggest that he knows more than he is letting on about the unsolved murder in the peaceful village of Claybourne. Believing that the Inspector has taken incriminating evidence away with him, your team follows him onto the Mystery Express and must find a way into his briefcase while the Inspector is being distracted in another train carriage. Sift through the evidence, and discover the truth behind the murder in the village.

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